Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tech Tip: Dress For Success Part 2 Putting clothes back on.

I always wear my Patagonia R1 Hoody - the new ones have more stretch and I bet are the bomb!- as my base layer -then another R1 Shirt, then a super dynamic Power Shield Shirt, then depending on the temps, my Arcteryx Hoody - which is my favorite piece I own and then a light shell. Here I am wearing the super light Patagonia shell, forgot the name, but weighs next to nothing, but if it is wet I have a Gore Tex Pro Shell top that is so light and breathable it really has made me rethink soft vs hard shell. On my legs I wear two layers of mid weight underwear, then a Gore Tex Pro Shell. It is so light, has zippers up the legs so I can vent, but honestly they breathe so well I never remember to unzip the legs. The temps reached -20C today with wind chill and I stayed warm with this system. Remember, base layers should be form fitting, to wick moisture away from the body. I like my most insulated layer a bit roomy to trap alot of warm air under it. Hope you stay warm next time you are out. Any question or suggestions please email me.