Monday, February 09, 2009

Colorado Ice Climbing Conditions Feb 07 2009: All Mixed Up, Rocky Mountain National Park

Is there a trail to All Mixed Up? Well, I put one in on Saturday. It was alot of work, but somewhat of a good mental exercise. Hope to never do it again, as I was up to waist deep snow for a bit of it. All mixed up is a bit bony, and very sporty. If you are looking for a walk up ice climb you will be very unhappy when you arrive at the base, if you are looking for a slabby run out mixed climb with a fair amount of good frozen turf then you will be happy. Bring lots of rock gear and stubby screws. Have at it and have fun! The park is still wintry and very beautiful.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Colorado Ice Climbing Conditions Feb 05 2009: Wild Basin - Hidden Falls, The Dangler

Went up to Hidden Falls for the first time today. It was super, easy well packed trail and only one other party there. Did a bunch of laps on Hidden Falls, as many variations as possible and then went to work on the dangler, the left leaning seam to the right of Hidden Falls that goes to the roof. The dangler is very fun, except when you reach the ledge mid way, there is alot of loose rock and the flake above is very loose that I yarded on. Be Careful. Hidden Falls is given WI 4- in the book and the Dangler M7- WI 5 (but there was no ice and we didn't pull through the roof). Enjoy

Ice Climbing Climbing Conditions Colorado: Vail Feb 02

Photos from Vail, Colorado from Feb 2 2009, to see the Spiral Staircase area look a couple of posts earlier. The Fang is trying its best to form, Fatman and Robin look good, Amphibian is dry, Frigid Inseminator is kinda anaemic, the ice to the left looks good (see Photo) Rigid Designator is climbable but alot of cauliflower, so not great pro until you are at least half height.

Monday, February 02, 2009

"Too fast to live. Too young to die."

Photos: The Punk Life and Death of Sid Vicious

"Too fast to live. Too young to die."
Feb. 2 marks the 30th anniversary of the death of the notorious former Sex Pistol, punk rock's ultimate nihilistic guitarist.,29307,1874741,00.html

Colorado Ice Climbing Conditions Feb 02 2009: Vail, Spiral Staircase Area

Went product testing (some killer new stuff that I recently received - more later) and ice climbing today, super fun to be slightly pumped and moving again. My rib is all healed it seems! Spiral Staircase is very stepped out, dry and steep on the left side (WI 3+/4-) and running water on the right side (WI 3). Secret Probation was thin at the step right at bolt 3. Thanks to Tom for the photos.