Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Today marks 45 days until Jack (Tackle) and I depart for Alaska. We have a big goal again (last year we managed a new route on Huntington). Recovering from a fractured fibula and bone fragment caused by a lateral ligament pulling a piece of the talus off has not been fun, nor pretty. Granted I never rested in Patagonia (Nov 20 - Dec 31 2005, Thailand (Jan 23- Feb 14 2006) was the perfect distraction from hating being injured, as I watched Heidi climb strong. Thanks to Heidi for putting up with my mood swings as I say "this is my last day of climbing" for the umteenth time.

I ran for the first time today, although for only 25 minutes, then bouldered on easy terrain and attempted to do a Work out of the Day from Crossfit. Felt so good to have a goal again and see the other side of injury induced depression!!!

Play Hard

Monday, March 06, 2006

8th Annual Cody Ice Fest

The photo shows how excited I am to return to ice climbing, at the 8th Annual CODY ICE FEST, www.southforkice.com. If you have never climbed in the South Fork you are missing out on some of the best ice climbing in the US. The Ice fest held annually in Mid Feb is the friendliest little ice fest for sure. For conditions check out www.coldfear.com.

Climb safe.