Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pumori Expedition

In the Fall of 2007 Matt, Dave and I traveled to Nepal to document the remarkable recovery of Matt Fioretti from AplasticAnemia. A Himalayan climber and guide, he nearly died before he was able to undergo a bone marrow transplant in 2005. more here

While in Nepal we hiked into areas around Mt. Everest to see how Matt's new bone marrow handled adapting to the altitude. He felt great and he and I reached over 18,000 ft. on Dawa Peak. This October we will return to the Himalayas to climb Pumori (7,161 m.)

Dave Ohlon (www.daveohlson.com to see the trailer) has been filming Matt's story for over a year now and hopes to follow it all the way to the summit of Pumori.

Please follow our progress as we will post every so often. Photos courtesy of www.daveohlson.com

Wish us luck!