Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tech Tip: Dress For Success Part 1 Undressing in the cold!

Dressing for success, it is key, I have found that the best system is to wear a warm base layer, a very light shell, then a fleece hoody for the approaches here in Slovenia. When I get to the base of a climb I quickly undress and change into dry layers that I carried, then place the wet original base layer over those two dry layers - assuming it is very cold, then put the hoody and shell on. It works great, today we approached for 1 hour 20 min, arriving to the base of the wall in -10C degrees and blowing , but once I put my dry layers on I was warm all day! On my legs I am wearing two layers of midweight long underwear plus my custom leg warmers - see earlier blog for info on how to make them.