Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jezersko Ice

I had a great day out with Aljaz Anderle (sponsored by Mammut, Petzl, and Addidas Eyewear) who is one of Slovenia's best mixed and ice climbers - if you have time check out - at Jezersko, we managed to climb Spodnji Ledinski WI 5, 140m, 90 Degree crux and Zgornji Ledinski WI 4+ 60m 85 degree crux (upper and lower Ledinski is the translation). They have a slog in between them though, about 150m of up hill slogging. We then raped one pitch and down climbed a snow slope to the bottom, picked up our pack and hiked about half an hour to reach Vikijeva Sveca WI 5, 150m, 90 degree crux, climbed it, roping up for 40meters, then traversed about 300m to the top of Sinji Slap WI 3, 150m, 85 degree crux, and went down that. These are all of the obvious and major ice climbs at Jezersko, it is a super day out, if you are ever in the area I really recommend it. We started climbing at 9am and at a somewhat casual pace, were drinking beer at 4:20pm. About the Photos: Top: the 1000+m wall of Jezersko, Next: Aljaz leading the first roped pitch of the day, some of the slogging, me leading upper Leinski, the nice looking ice is Vikijeva Sveca