Monday, February 18, 2008

Lambada WI6 50m: Anderle The Rope Gun

Yesterday Aljaz said, "OK, let's go to Lambada." OK. I was tired from a few too many days in the cold, but climbs like this don't hang around forever, so if they are doable, you go. We arrived at the parking lot at noon and were at the base of Lambada forty five minutes later. What an amazing pillar. It fully reminds you of why ice climbing is so special, playing on these architectural anomalies is way physical and heady. Aljaz said, "Well, if it goes well, I will lead it and then rap it and pull the screws and then you lead it, you know, if it goes well." "OK." 3 Screws and 50 meters of super delicate and controlled climbing later The Rope Gun yells "Off belay". And then raps down. All of his drytooling pays off, he is able to hang, shake out and maintain body position and total mental control on junk ice and made the overhanging lip and the middle of the pillar look so easy. The Rope Gun. I took my turn to lead Lambada, and two meters later I knew I was out of my element, I was psyched out, I was pumped and I down climbed. It was the right decision for me, health care or not, I don't need the hassle of broken limbs. Luckily there is a fairly easy way around to the top and a few minutes later I had rigged a top rope, which sure enough made it fun and possible for laps. Great climb, I hope it is still standing when I get back from Norway so I can get my revenge. About the photos, Lambada with the sun dropping -, Aljaz making easy work of Lambada, the hollow looking pillar, and me rapping off the top - If you want to use Aljaz as a photographer or hire him to put the rope up for you, I am sure he wouldn't mind if you contacted him via his website. A day of rest for me and then I fly to Norway on Wednesday.