Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tamar Ice Climbs

Went to look at Lambada today, pure 6, if not+, and saw that it is very close to being climbable, perhaps later this weekend? Then, Matej and I drove another twenty minutes to Tamar. Sort of an amusing start to the day. We drove into Triglav National Park, on a closed road, there were many children along the road - another answer to why Slovenians are the best, when they are kids they are brought out into the mountains to ski and sled for a week to help foster an appreciation for the mountains - and proceeded to get stuck in the snow. The kids soon caught up to us and helped push the car out of the ditch, then we got a start to the day, first by removing the license plates so nobody could give us a ticket. Climbed Centralni Slap, WI4+, 120m, 90 degree crux, then soloed Desni Slap, WI4, 50m, 90 degrees. Mataj and I decided to opt to try our luck with driving out of the Park then, even though were a couple of more climbs to be done, obviously first replacing the license plates. Super nice area, short approach - if you drive, otherwise expect an hour to hour and a half of walking each way, 15 minutes only with the drive. About the photos, the pure ice one is Centralni Slap at Tamar ,and the beautiful pillar is Lambada.