Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Norway here I come!!

Well, thanks to the generosity of Matt at Four Winds Himalayan Guiding and Trekking, www.himalayahigh.com (website under re-construction) I am going to Norway for 2 weeks on Feb 20th to hook up with my friend Seth Hobby. Seth had sent me some photos from Rjukon, where he is based as a guide in the winter these days, and a few other places that just looked spectacular. The photo in the blog is stolen from Will Gadd's great website, www.gravsports.com from one of his trips to Norway. He had it in a report of some new routes he did, here is the link http://www.gravsports.com/Gadfly%20Pages/Gaddfly20054.htm, and then showed this photo as further routes that needed to be climbed. Holy cow, look at those monsters. So I am finally going to where I have dreamed and read about for so long!! I am so psyched. Hope Seth can lead all the scary pitches. Time to sharpen tools!