Monday, January 28, 2008

The Traverse

I suppose it is always easy to say that an athletic feat is the greatest thing you have ever heard of or seen, but for sure, this is. Rolo and Colin completed the Stanhardt - Cerro Torre traverse on Jan 24, having started on the 22nd. This really blows my mind. How good are these guys? How determined is Rolo, having tried the traverse this year already - with only poor conditions on Cerro Torre stopping him and partner Johnstone? I remember last year sitting in a cave with Rolo, Ermano, Ale and my partner Java, below the Stanhardt Col, thinking these were the nicest guys ever, while Rolo cooked Java and I some pasta before we headed further up the col. Pure Alpinists, totally willing to commit and really masters of what they do. I left the cave inspired and depressed, wanting to be as good and cool but knowing it would never be. Java and I spent that night in a very big bergshrund that I found by falling into, and the weather deteriorated that night so that nobody went anywhere other than back to town to eat and drink. I have exchanged emails with Rolo the past couple of days and must say he is a happy and fortunate man for completing his dream - and the dreams of many others. Well done. On a parting note, is Colin Haley the greatest Alpinist to ever live? Oh yeah, I stole the photo from Climbing,com where you can read from Rolo's own words about the traverse.