Friday, January 25, 2008

Drytool Cave

Today, I went out to help Aljaz Anderle with a photo shoot he had for National Geographic. It was super fun actually. Aljaz knows the routes at the drytool cave so well so Martin and I got some beta from him and also learned a thing or two on what being strong meant! It was amazing to watch him just hang while the photographer took shot after shot from different angles and Aljaz just hung in the same position - and I mean for a while, like 10 minutes at a time at the crux of climbs. It was really cool to see what it meant to be in control while drytooling. An interesting thing about today was that, once again, I was reminded that the best in any activity usually are super nice guys (and girls!) when you meet them and hang out with them - it is those that have something to prove that act cool or are assholes. Aljaz was super cool.