Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Best Pack: Cilogear Dyneema 30L Worksack

Ever wonder why Kelly, Colin (the best alpinist ever?), Max and a few others are killing it in the mountains these days ? (Like the way I use their first names, like we are really good friends; Kelly once asked me to send him a photo of a project I couldn't do, Colin gave me a piece of Pizza in Chalten a couple of years ago, and I never met Max, though I met his girlfriend once.) Think they are just mentally and physically better than the rest of us? Maybe. Think they are just hungrier, more willing to commit, not just mere mortals like you and I, possibly. Or could it just be that they have the best back pack made. It is the one common thing I can figure out about them. (Just joking, they kill it because they are better, in everyway, mentally, physically and morally - it even says so on GNA.) But they are all using the packs from Cilogear, check it out,, and if anybody is wondering what to get me for Christmas this year, the Dyneema 30L worksack would be great. No wrapping needed, pretty enough as is.