Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Attempt: Another Ass Handing!!

Yesterday I went with Martin and Matej back out to Damocleas Mec. It is a route I have been thinking about since Martin and I first tried it 2 weeks ago. It should be strait forward WI5, 4 pitches, but it is killing us. The first pitch was worse than last time and we were fully humbled again, trying the left - read overhanging snow climbing, even though it is slabby ice underneath, - then on the right to the shaky pillars. Nothing goes - in these conditions. Well, some might say I have been overdoing it. They would be right. Today will be my 6th day in a row of some form of climbing We skied up there on the thick crust and spent 3 hours and still we could not get the thing done. Oh well. Perhaps Martin was right that we need a rest. But after the last spell of good weather followed by 9 days of snow/rain, I am reluctant to stop climbing. Anyway, we are meeting at the local rock climbing area today to sort out a plan for tomorrow. Today should be more of a stretching session than anything.