Friday, January 11, 2008

Best Pitch of the week

Luckily for me it has started to rain. I had planned to go to Italy today, but will put it off for a day. This was the best pitch of the week. It was the pillar on Stiriophobia - which I have been told is a fear of candles. Not much gear, and there was an overlap of ice about 8cm thick from the top down about 3 meters. Climbing up the left side was fun and almost gymnastic - well if I was any good as an ice climber it would have been. So today I get to rest and dream of two ice climbs I scouted this week. I would put up a photo, but will wait until I have done them. Thanks to Martin for the photo, and I suppose for walking about 10m back from the pillar while belaying me to get the photo.