Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rep (The Tail) M5 5.7 150m

It was cold again in the parking lot this morning - and if you know me well, you know it was not the crack of dawn. The car thermometer read -5 degrees C. and the route we wanted to climb was 800m higher. Luckily we had a trail broken for us and did the approach in an hour and a half. We sat in the sun and drank some tea, my nerves started getting to me because I had actually been bouted off the crux pitch before, I didn't have the right gear and it was the first multi pitch mixed climb I had been on in Slovenia, so I thought I should give it another go. Armed with a Specter, because I had dropped two pins in a row trying to get something in the shallow crack that was my only gear option (turns out people ice climb the pitch usually- btw, at first sight my partner says to me, "what is this?", and then later, "how do I take this out?" I respond with "Bang it with your..", but am interupted with "oh, cool, I can just take it out with my fingers, it is loose." Well, I guess I just needed the proverbial rope drag to give me the confidence. Anyway, good to get it done, feel good, had a super day climbing in the sun! The pictures show, well obviously the car thermometer, me posing, and my partner, Irena Mrak, leading the second pitch.