Sunday, December 16, 2007

It is all Training

It has snowed alot in the Julian Alps the past 10 days, this morning we tried to go out alpine climbing and found about 8 cm of fresh fluffy powder sitting in the parking lot, flakes were still coming down and we bagged it. At least we tried. What now, I am getting fat from all of the good food and even better drinks! "Lets go to the climbing gym." Trizic has a cool bouldering wall, first you have to go find the key.

The wall is run by the local climbing association and is where all the strong people train - well, that is what I was told and so asked if it was still ok if I went too - the sport climbers from Trizic are winning alot of comps. So we drove to a bar, yup a bar - no, not for liquid courage - but to pick up the key, then to the municipal building, then down a couple of hallways and sure enough, a door marked "sport climbing", and oh man, better get strong quick.

It was great, flailing again. But now I know how to get in and it is not used before 4:00pm by anybody, so I have my own training facility. All I have to do is make it out of the bar. I love Slovenia.