Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dancing with the stars Slovenia-style and NBC K2 Interviews

Dancing with the stars Slovenia-style and NBC K2 Interviews

The other night I was casually sitting back drinking a couple of great glasses of Slovenian Pinot Noir and watching Dancing with the Stars, Slovenina-style. It was as exciting as watching it in the USA; well, up until they asked the guest celebrity judges for their opinion, and holy cow, there he was, Tomas Humar! The Man is a celebrity!! It was amazing to see him commenting on how a couple were tangoing, I had heard he was famous, but I didn’t realize this famous. This past summer I was given an MP3 player to listen to that contained songs from a famous and very popular Slovenian band called Siddharta – it was kinda edgy in a grunge way, not M. Manson sort of way, and a voice started to speak over the music. I asked what he was saying and was told “It’s Humar, talking about re-entering life on the ridge of Dhaulagiri, once he left the face.” Amazing. He is a superstar! Where is Lynn Hill’s song with Tool, where is Tackle’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars! Americans must suck at marketing ourselves or perhaps the rest of America is just oblivious to the number of potential judges that run around the mountains. For sure there are enough reality shows that need judges. Click onto then go to videos and click on B mashina for the song.

To watch Humar on tv
then go to SPET DOMA in the menu and choose the last show that was on the 9th of dec.

You can only throw stones…well on Sunday, Dec 16th 2007 sometime in the afternoon depending where you live in the USA, NBC will show a documentary that I was interviewed for. It is not dancing with the stars, nor a song, nor is it about me, just being interviewed because I helped a team out a little bit on K2 this past summer. But that is my fifteen seconds of fame. I am glad it will pass soon. I might have a Mohawk if they show any footage from the mountain, when I was helping Don through the Icefall, don’t be shocked. It was a sweet look, but one that faded.

I wonder what is on TV tonight.