Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ass handed to me! Veliki Vhr

Well today was humbling, went climbing even though it was -6 when we parked the car, then the bad signs started - my partner had a feeling they left their crampons at home 5 minutes into the 2 hour approach, and they were right - we drove back to get them(only 20 minutes each way), we post-holed up to our knees for 1 hour our shins the other hour, then the route looked dry, with lots of very dry snow in parts, making the rock climbing slow and cold on my hands and then we had the wrong rack - needed alot of smaller pieces - can't wait for fed ex to arrive with my rack from Boulder!
So needless to say I got my ass handed to me. It was a great learning experience and only good can come from that. I learned that I need to work on flexibility and well, frankly, have a lot to learn about the mixed climbing here in Slovenia; the limestone is slick at times, loose at other times and totally bomber sometimes. Today was great because we tried, and nothing bad will come from that. Still lovin' it though!
The pictures show the type of climbing we did on the route today - that follows a line in the center of the wall.