Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Drytooling again!

It has been so long since I went out to a pure drytool cave, it is so much fun! I fully flailed on a steep M8, when was the last time I climbed at this angle? The cave is a 10 minute drive from Trižič and is a 10 minute walk up to from the car. So nice to have great training so close. There were routes from M7-M11, all about 20m long and steep as %#&$! I was pumped by the 3rd bolt. But the one thing I relearned from the outing was just getting out and doing it regarless of how well you do, is worth it. My arms and back are screaming today from a totally great session, and my face muscles hurt from laughing so much. On my third lap I started to get the moves on the M8 dialed and started to link it. A couple of more days out there and I will perhaps send it. Who knows or cares, it is fun either way! Obviously I am grateful to Scarpa for all the great shoes!