Wednesday, September 09, 2009

K2 Broad Peak and Latok Photo Albums

The following few blogs will be photo albums from summer 2009. I am currently in The Black Hills of South Dakota climbing in the Needles and also Devil's Tower, WY. The past week has been amazing weather and great fun as I am here on a Marmot Dealer Promotion that Ames Adventure Outfitters - the midwest Marmot and SCARPA reps are running. We are staying in an amazing B & B and eating lots. The lack of feeling in my toes is interesting especially on the somewhat techy climbing in the Needles. Everyone says it will only be another month or so until some of the feeling comes back. Oh well.
Enjoy the photos.

Chogolisa and Masherbrum from the Shoulder of K2 around 5:20 am August 07 2009. I was heading up to the bottleneck and watching the sunrise at the same time. It was so amazing. I will post a 360 degree video in one of the next few blogs.

Camp 4 on the Shoulder of K2 with the Gasherbrum group and Broad Peak behind, this photo was taken at 4:45am August 07.

Another Photo of Broad Peak from above the shoulder just a bit later. Broad Peak stares you in the face when you climb any of the southern aspect routes on K2. It is very beautiful from here, especially early in the morning or just as the sun is setting.

Dani, Dave, Jonathan, Jordi C. and Jordi T. waiting outside our "hotel" in Askoli as we wait for jeeps to come and get us during the fuel shortage in Skardu. This is the day after we walked around 30 KM without food from Latok II south side BC (really the Ogre;s Thumb BC). The mood was very somber.