Wednesday, September 09, 2009

K2 Broad Peak and Latok Photo Albums 3

Gerlinda Kaltenbrunner following me up to C3 on K2's Cesen Route with Masherbrum behind her right shoulder. Without a doubt Gerlinda is a superstar of high altitude climbing; her aerobic and technical abilities match any man climbing at high altitude today. It really was a great pleasure to spend the summer with her, David Goettler and Ralf Dujmovits again.

Gerlinda and David (fliming Gerlinda) following me up to C2 on the Cesen Route of K2 during the first summit push. We had stong winds and alot of snow up to C2 ( we managed a good rotation in front and managed to go from the bottom of the route to C2 in 4:20) and then very strong winds to C4.

The West face of Gasherbrum IV from Concordia during the trek to K2 Base Camp.

A pilot from the "Fearless Five" sucking O2 while we discuss the tactics for Latok II Rescue.