Saturday, September 12, 2009

K2 Broad Peak and Latok Photo Albums 5

After flying out of the North Side of Latok to Skardu to make the Rescue team in Skardu and Spain realize the importance of MI 17s and many more people and alot of fixed rope I waited for the Spanish guys to arrive and then flew in with Jordi C. and Jonathan and a few HAPS and LAPs. After shuttling us around we finally were dropped off 10km from where I had intended BC to be and where I had the food, tents and equipment airdropped - this photo is of us resting after finally arriving in base camp, after midnight. Luckily I had a prototype Petzl RXP, which is the best headlamp I have ever used, with a phenomenal beam, that helped me navigate to where we needed to be.

MI 17 in Dassu, we dropped off food, equipment and people and then started the shuttling of gear.

Matt and Wim above C2 on K2's Cesen Route during the push to the shoulder.

The view from C4, 8000m on the Shoulder of K2, looking up to the Bottleneck, Traverse with the Serac, and the summit slopes.