Saturday, September 12, 2009

K2 Broad Peak and Latok Photo Albums 6

LAPs (low altitude porters) carrying rope - in the end we had over 3500m of rope - up the Baintha Glacier to the base of the slope that lead up to the NW Ridge of Latok II.

Pakistani flag with Mickey. Strange I agree

Jordi C. , Alvaro, Dani, Chris and Jonathan in the back seat of the one remaining jeep during the ride back to Skardu from Askoli. We started out with 4 jeeps and by the end of the day only one remained due to a gas shortage in Skardu.

Latok's North Pillar from the North Side Base Camp. The NW Ridge of Latok II is the right Skyline - it lokos like it is a ridge on Latok from this angle. I spent two days here trying to figure out how to lead and orchestrate the rescue, finally I decided that base camp and all of the climbing would have to be done from the south side. It is not much easier, but we needed any help we could get.