Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Makalu 2011 Lukla with Air Zermatt Pilots

We arrived to Lukla, luckily it was a bit overcast and not so hot today on the way down from Namche. We arrived to the lodge and a few of the Air Zermatt crew were here, jokingly we asked them to fly us to Makalu tomorrow and they said they heard about our flight and wanted to do it. Fingers crossed they will be able to. The pilot, Danny, who is here was the psycho that got the Spanish off of Annapurna at 7000 meters last spring, totally crazy. These guys really know what they are doing, today they took a casual ride over to Manaslu ABC from Kathmandu with a couple of Koreans, and headed up to Lukla. It would be awesome if they flew us in!!!!!!!
More to come........