Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010 Makalu, Broad Peak, K2 and Cho Oyu Photo Gallery 1

Image from 7100m in August of Darek's suprise birthday celebration. Inside the blue box is a cake, we had alot of problems with lighting the candles!

Conga line heading to the serac on Cho Oyu this September. As you can see it is far from a wilderness or solo experience. It is still a beautiful mountain however, and I think this season proves there is no such thing as an easy or safe 8000m peak.

Stuart, one of my clients on Makalu this May, on O2 at camp 3, 7000m. Looks very much a spaceman.

Brian "BMoney" Block, heading into the higher camp 2, 6400m, on Broad peak in July.