Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Training for alpine climbing

It has been two weeks since I last posted, I know I have been lazy, but not about training. I did a very good job of staying focused on the goal over the past month, and yesterday I started what I would call the process of really trying.

Over the past month I spent alot of time getting my body ready, just making sure that there were no nagging injuries and "lubricating" the joints. I ran about 200miles and climbed several thousand feet, lifted more than a proverbial ton and read alot about training.

Yesterday was an eye opener, I tried really hard at Movement (my favorite climbing gym in Boulder movementboulder.com) completing last weeks "project" and then almost onsighting a route that was a full letter grade harder. I warmed up pretty well - still need to improve at this, just a bit more discipline needed really, and then set about getting stronger.

I have found that several routes at my "limit" of onsighting and then working a couple of routes that are supposed to be above my ability and then back to redpointing and then finally a few cooldown climbs has been getting me strong. It is as unscientific as can be, but seems to be working well for me.

I stayed at Movement for 4 hours. I rested and rehydrated well, very well. What does pulling plastic do for alpine climbing you may wonder. My answer is that it has been crap weather out, I have had obligations on the days that have been good for the fun mixed that has climbed in RMNP since the snowfall and in the end if you can rock climb very well, you have the confidence needed in the mountains.

Oh yeah, after the gym session I ran 8.6 miles. I was tired after, but felt great. Perhaps the one thing I did poorly yesterday was eat enough.