Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Colorado Ice Climbing Conditions March 31: Hessie Chimney, Nederland

It took a bit of work to get it done - three trips: to see if ice was in the chimney, then to see if it would hold more than one ascent, and then finally just doing it after figuring it had been cold enough to bond to the walls. There was alot of junk ice that needed clearing and the middle pillar (yesterday) was still not that solid (if this is your first M5 lead then buyer beware, it is not very physical but heady) and since the water had been running so much before the big dump of snow the lower cracks had iced up a bit. There is a fixed blue sling half way up a a few choice pins to clip. All in all a very fun route, the snow we are getting and this weeks forcasted cold temps will only make the route better. Enjoy and probably see you up there in the next couple of weeks.