Sunday, June 21, 2015

Creminelli - the non GMO pork option in America

Ok the title of the post should read Creminelli, Whole foods and Chipotle. What a funny combination, the premier artisan meat company in America (based in Salt Lake city), the trendiest supermarket and a great fast(ish) food chain. They have been brought together in an effort to bring us non GMO pork products. That is it though, buy from the three of them or don't get any ( as I understand it). Not because others don't want to sell it, but that constitutes the domestic supply - only enough for three companies. It is crazy. What the hell are we eating.

I had the extra ordinary luck and chance to meet a portion of the Creminelli team - including the incredibly friendly and humble Cristiano Creminelli himself - at the Grand Cochon event in Snowmass this past weekend. Not only were we treated to some incredible pork concoctions from around the country but the Creminelli team had an amazing selection of their own products. I was blown away to learn from them this incredible non GMO problem - yes, I said problem - that we have here in America.

This is not a food blog, nor a lifestyle blog for that matter. But so many people ask me what I eat at high altitude - I have always answered salami and prosciutto. It has always been a very tasty and high energy food, and the salt makes me drink water. It is a win win food, zero prep and yummy.
Me with Cristiano Creminelli!

I am really glad I have found a non GMO option for expeditions to buy. I encourage you to look at what you are eating.