Sunday, August 21, 2011

North Side going for it tonight?

Update 22/08/11: From Gerlinde's website it says they want to fix some rope today above C4, then try on Tuesday for the summit....good luck to them up there, I hope they find good conditions!!! They are strong as anything!!!!!!!

Well, I am not sure, I dont have direct contact with them, but and National Geographic's websites say that Max, Vasily, Darek and Gerlinde are all in camp 4 at 8000 meters on the north side of K2 as of this afternoon, so they just might be up and cooking as I write this - it is just about midnight Kathmandu time, (they are about an hour behind). I really hope they get the conditions and are up to the summit tomorrow, and back down safely. I want it so much for them.

Funny to be sitting here reading about it all and not be up there. Now I know how all my friends feel, time and time again each year.

Good luck up there, I wish you all the best!!!!!!!!!!!