Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Indoor drytool training - Schmoolz and Alpkit

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I have been searching for a great tool to train indoors with for the mixed season. I have suffered many injuries from tools skating off plastic holds - and for several pre winter training seasons I took to wearing a hockey helmet to protect my teeth, nose and head. While everybody is going plice crazy I am too busy traveling to have a fixed plywood thing....thing because it is late and I could not come up with a better word.

I recently found two companies from the UK, Alpkit - producers of the Figfour, and Schmoolz - producers of the Schmoolz dry tool. They both have the same concept, a wooden handle with a rubber strap that loops over standard indoor climbing holds, any indoor climbing hold. It seems the UK is way ahead of us when it comes to organized indoor training, and has a competition series already going and both manufacturers have actively pursued climbing gyms to let members use them.

Here is a good article comparing the tools, and the websites for Alpkit and Schmoolz. I think somebody in North America should think about distributing these. In the mean time they ship to the US and Europe.