Friday, June 05, 2009

K2/Broad Peak double header!

Rock climbing in Boulder Canyon 06/04/09 Claudia Lopez Photography.

Last days in town are always frantic before a two and a half month expedition. Yesterday I did a rock photo shoot with Claudia Lopez, today a phone interview with Colorado Public Radio (should air next Tuesday), lots of last minute shopping, became great friends with the FedEx delivery man and said goodbye to many friends. Sad news permeates the air in Boulder over the 'late" return of Jonny and Micah. I depart Boulder with a very heavy heart.

Leaving town so frequently these days I was reminded the past few days of the events I miss and sacrifices made for an alpinist's way of life - it was fun to spend quality time with great friends who have recently fallen in love, about to have a baby and another couple celebrating a one year wedding anniversary this weekend.

With the blackout! (one last high five) crew: Lisa and Ben, Vanessa and Brian.

Please check back for regular updates, if there is a problem with my base camp communications set up, then please check,, or for expedition updates. Have a great summer! and wish us luck.

Portrait 06/04/09, Claudia Lopez Photography.

Thanks very much to Marmot, CAMP-USA, SCARPA-USA, Bluewater Ropes, Ames Adventure Outfitters, Claudia Lopez Photography, The House of Flying Tiger, and The Erskine/Halicki Home for Homeless Alpinists for the continued support!

Also to Thermarest, Petzl Headlamps, and Julbo for this expedition.