Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rupal Face Gear List

Many people are asking me what are we taking for gear, so here is everything I am packing. I am sure there is more gear than listed, but this is the meat of it.
Tent: Marmot Alpinist
Bivy Sac: Marmot Alpinist Bivy
Sleeping Bag: Marmot Helium EQ
Thermarest Inflatable and foam Z Rest
1 Pair Scarpa Phantom 8000
1 Pair Scarpa Quest
1 Pair Scarpa Vision - for bouldering in base camp
Marmot Matterhorn 42
Cilo Gear 45L Dyneema Worksack
Personal Hardware:
1 Pair Camp Vector Nanotech Crampon
1 Pair Camp Awax Leashless Ice Axes
1 Camp Quartz CR Harness
1 Camp Stratech Helmet
1 Camp Pulse Helmet
Group Hardware:
1 Full Set Cams
1 Full Set Camp Carvex Hexes
1 Full Set Camp Tri Cams
1 Full Set Camp Radion Ice Screws
1 Full Set Camp Stoppers
50 Camp Nano 23 Biners
1 Sull set pins
1 Camp Alu Fix Shovel
2 Jet Boils Stoves: 1 1.5L Pot, 1 1L pot
Personal Clothes:
1 Marmot Ama Dablam Down Jacket
1 Marmot Guides Down Vest
1 Marmot Exum Jacket
1 Marmot Superhoer Jacket
1 Marmot Power Strech Shirt
1 Marmot Scree Pant
1 Marmot Dryclimb Stretch Pant
Gloves: :4 pairs
Socks: 4 pair