Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kozeljeva Smer III+ 450m UIAA 6/A1 - Attempt

Kozeljeva Smer on Begunjska Vrtaca I hear is a not often tried route. It is really cool though, steep sections that connect snow slabs, for 450m - conditions are kinda crap right now, so this was the best option. However, after the second "fixed" pin pulled on me and the rotting fixed wood block - protecting the #6 Camalot placement - seemed to disintegrate infront of my eyes I figured it was enough. Fun enough to go aid climbing out a big , well 4m, roof that was awkward as anything. It was warm as anything as well and the snow sliding from above my head - missing me by less and less every meter higher I climbed - also put a quick end to the day. Still, better than being a desk jockey .